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Monday, April 20, 2009

Things I'm Pondering Today:

1) Why are shellfish so irretrievably linked with summertime when true seafood lovers know that you're only supposed to eat shellfish in months ending in "er?" I propose a winter raw bar revolution.

2) Why doesn't Indian food (in the US, because I've never eaten it anywhere else) have more seafood? India has like, 49583493 miles of coastline, yet I don't think I've ever seen a seafood dish at an Indian restaurant. Is this another sad case of regional homogenization and Western acclimatization? (See also: Chinese, Mexican)

3) Why must a lobster roll have mayo? Couldn't they all come with hot butter?


  1. I've had hot butter lobster rolls (before the first Rhode Island trip w/Mere). It's apparently a CT thing (thanks wiki). Maybe they use the mayo to justify a reason for putting it on bread when it really should just be eaten cooked, cracked, and dipped.
    I miss lobster. Especially the claws, which are Atlantic variety. Though I work next to the South San Francisco New England Lobster Shop (overnighted on ice from BOS to SFO)- I may be desperate enough to stop in one day.

  2. It is usually north indian cusine in america. bengali food is all fish, all the time