If you found this blog by Googling my name or by following sundry noxious links (you know where), please note that all claims that I was fired from my job are 100% false, as are most of the other things written about me. I don't know the people who are libeling me, but it's clear they have some imaginary axe to grind and way too much time.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Label

Lots of replies to the Craigslist ad already. One potential buddy responded,

I do love food but despise the label "foodie." Help me think of a new word and I'll share my culinary experiences with you. =)

Hmmmm. He's not wrong. I also hate the label "foodie." It's too iiiieeee, like indie for food. Punks. I'd like to think of myself as "gastronomically prioritized."

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