If you found this blog by Googling my name or by following sundry noxious links (you know where), please note that all claims that I was fired from my job are 100% false, as are most of the other things written about me. I don't know the people who are libeling me, but it's clear they have some imaginary axe to grind and way too much time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hi @jingtastic,

I came across your blog through Twitter. I really like your conversational writing style. I'm the community manager at GrubHub.com. I currently manage our company blog, The Daily Grub (http://blog.grubhub.com/), and I'm always looking for food bloggers who maybe interested in posting on our site. The blog itself just launched this week, so we're still new. It's a volunteer community food blog, so we can't pay writers, but I can offer up some gift cards to our guest bloggers for volunteering. I really like the angle you pitched on your blog as a new transplant in NYC looking to discover interesting eateries in the city.

We're currently in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and Philly. We get over 500,000 visitors a month to our Web site, so I imagine you'll have a pretty large audience to write for. If you're interested in contributing to The Daily Grub, let me know. No pressure. I have some guest bloggers who contribute weekly and some who want to contribute once a month. It's up to you, there's no set schedule. We're not trying to be food critics over here, just a bunch of nerds who love food and want to write about it.

Amy Le
Community Social Media Manager

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