If you found this blog by Googling my name or by following sundry noxious links (you know where), please note that all claims that I was fired from my job are 100% false, as are most of the other things written about me. I don't know the people who are libeling me, but it's clear they have some imaginary axe to grind and way too much time.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One Side of a Text Exchange, Which I am Posting Here With No Name, No Comment, No Edits, and Months After The Fact

In answer to people who ask if I've ever had awkward situations come out of eating with strangers.

9:33pm: hey zoe, ur nt gonna call me bk? thats messed up...i thought we were kool
9:42pm: i would really like 2 b friends with u...and nt some odd stranger u eat with and then rip apart on ur blog...kind of hard 2 do if u dont call back
9:46pm: u said some not so nice things zoe...and u didnt have 2 mention my age, where i work and my pic...a little discretion would b nice
9:48pm: listen, im just a regular asian just like u trying 2 connect just as u do...i though dinner was nice even though it wasnt what we had planned...
9:49pm: im sorry u thought it sucked...zoe, i just want 2 try new eateries with u...u seem nice and i thought we could b friends...thats all i want...
9:54pm: i tried 2 reach u a couple of times and u cant even have the decency 2 text bk...i read what u wrote...why cant we hang out, try new eateries, and b friends
9:55pm: all im saying is there is a new place i found and i want us 2 try it
9:58pm: understood...it takes but a second 2 text back...i can be a good friend 2 u...if u let it happen...is that so wrong?
10:28pm: goodnight zoe...dont work 2 late

Weeks later...

"upon the glowing review in ur blog, i tried one of the eateries mentioned and it was everything u said it was...ur palette is as refined as ur social skills ;)"


  1. Haha stalker, I was pondering taking you out, but man if this is how messed up I'd end up I might reconsider!

  2. Are you implying I drove him to this? Haha, I think you'll only end up like him if you start out like him - do you repeatedly put your hand on strictly platonic strangers' knees?

  3. You should learn this dance for when you're eating with weirdos http://www.vimeo.com/1850799?pg=embed&sec=1850799