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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And so dies my budding career as the Brooke Hogan of MLE, as doomed and valiant as a match's flame.

Email I got last night:

My stage name is [redacted]. I am looking for Zoe Yang who recently "won" a spot to be a Bunnette at Coney Island this weekend. I am a competitive eater out of Philadelphia who will be in New York City this 4th of July for the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship.
If this is you, I was hoping you and I could get together either at the contest or even afterwards at some of the after parties (I'll be at ALL of the hot spots Friday and Saturday nights with the eaters) and I would be able to tell you a few of my ideas that could involve you in the competitive eating world!
Check out my website [redacted]. There's several pictures of Juliet Lee and I and Kobayashi and I hanging out together. I am also on Facebook as [redacted] along with a [redacted] on Facebook.
If you could, can you get back to me soon, because I am leaving for New York on Thursday.
If this is not Zoe Yang, sorry. Maybe you could put me in touch with her!
Thank you,
[Signature redacted]

My response:

Hi [redacted],

You have found the right person, I am Zoe Yang. Did you find me through my blog?

I am looking forward to Nathan's, but I wasn't even aware there were afterparties (and apparently pre-parties?)! I wouldn't mind getting together briefly sometime on Saturday, but I don't really understand what you mean by involving me in the competitive eating world. I didn't really see the Bunnette thing as a crack in the door to a future career with MLE. Also, if your ideas involve big boobs, you don't want me.

See you at the Contest!


No response. He probably heeded my boob disclaimer.


  1. We should talk.I am a competitive eater,they call me Gavonne,but my real name is Jo Rose.I could take you under my wing & show you the ropes,so to speak if you like.looking forward to meeting you,I'll be at Coney tomorrow 7 Sat.

  2. Hi Jo, thanks for the offer. However, I have no interest in becoming a competitive eater so I don't know what ropes there are to learn...

    See you on Saturday, and best of luck in the competition!

  3. I'm not in the contest,but I would like to meet you.You can e-mail me at muzixan@gmail.com or check out my blog:gavonnews.

  4. Zoe, please send Juliet an email at julietlee.com so she can get your picture to you. Thanks